Airborne - Like Me Ft. Young Dayz Ziidoz
Sep 2, 2015
One of the best songs my old crew put together! Although you may not be here with us today you will always be with us in our music! You helped me develop my craft and I've been blessed to have you as a friend! Rap In Paradise my brother! Youtube: Soundcloud: @officialairborne Facebook: Instagram:
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JuneBug DieHardMusicabout 3 years ago

Check My Videos Out Bro!!! #support

Andres Hernandezabout 3 years ago

This song and "You Should Know" are my top ones for you man! Fire.

Airborneabout 3 years ago

Thanks Andres! Did I ever tell you what "You Should Know" is about? If I never did the song is about an old stereo! Haha

Andres Hernandezabout 3 years ago

Oh wow, really?! I was driving to work listening to it trying to figure out what it was - I thought it was a best friend that you had a fall out with. Now I'm gonna have to listen to it again from that perspective!