Hello You Beautiful Thing. Cover By Travis Seay
Travis Seay
Aug 29, 2015
This is a cover of Jason Mraz's song "Hello You Beautiful Thing" Off his album titled "YES" Hope you guys enjoy the cover! If you did, give it a share! Become a fan! I'm going to be making more videos like these so keep your eyes open for them! Thanks for watching!
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Rupam Mukherjee10 months ago

Beautiful song!

Rupam Mukherjee10 months ago


pradeep sangatramani11 months ago

Awesome song! Love it!

pradeep sangatramani11 months ago


pradeep sangatramani11 months ago


Terri Hernandezalmost 3 years ago

Good job! Beautiful song!

Jody Brownalmost 3 years ago

I cannot hear the son travis

Travis Seayalmost 3 years ago

you can't? Hmm.

Andres Hernandezalmost 3 years ago

Just had to say it... I'm digging the "This is what I've been waaaAAAIIITiiiing for". You hit those high notes nicely man lol