Please Remember Me
Andres Hernandez
Jan 31, 2016
This is a song that I wrote for my grandma. My grandpa past away two years ago after battling alzheimers, and the healthiest way I could cope with everything was to write. I love you abuelita! Rest in peace Grandpa.
Comments (11)
Terri Hernandezabout 2 years ago

I cry every time I hear this song.

JuneBug DieHardMusicabout 2 years ago

amzing bro

Andres Hernandezabout 2 years ago

Really appreciate it man!

Ashlee Reganover 2 years ago

Amazing brother, great job!

Andres Hernandezover 2 years ago

Thanks sister :)

Brent Thompsonover 2 years ago

Andres, Very nice! Really enjoyed.

Andres Hernandezover 2 years ago

Thank you, Brent!

Joe Timmeover 2 years ago

Amazing song Andres! I really enjoy listening to the song.

Andres Hernandezover 2 years ago

I appreciate that alot Joe - glad you liked it!

Stephen Lopezover 2 years ago

Sounds great, your voice carries an emotional tune, that makes the song alive.

Andres Hernandezover 2 years ago

Thank you Stephen!