My Story
J.Unknown born Stanley C. Jones, on October 26, 1979 in Detroit, Mi. Son of Priscilla Perkins and Stanley Jones. He started his musical journey in the 3rd grade at Stewart Elementary, playing the cello in 4th and 5th grade. He continued his music at Longfellow middle school playing the drums. It was at this point in music that the rhythm started to move him in another direction. Never being exposed to rap made listening to it for the 1st time eye opening. It gave him another way to express himself. The flow of the lyrics and beat inspired him and drove him. By the 8th grade he wrote his 1st full rap verse. (Death Day) was the title. From that point he wrote from time to time whenever he felt the need to release, so his rap book became books. Doing almost anything dealing with performing arts pulled him out of the streets and kept him somewhat focused. He chooses not to discuss the things he’s done on the streets. “If you knew me back then, you already know”. He started recording his own music in 1999 in the basement of the house he was living in on Chicago and Greenfield in Detroit, Mi. He and a few of his friends started a group named South City, which later became South City Entertainment in 2003. He went by the name of Unknown. Changed his name 1 year later due to someone else already going by that name. South City went around the city performing wherever they could and in that, making a small name for themselves.
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