My Story
Mellie Mel the Punchline Princess was born and raised in Dallas,TX. Mellie began to pursue her career seriously in 2012. On September 13, 2012 Mellie moved to Anchorage, AK and kept her music flowing rapidly. Releasing instant hits such as "Red Lights" and "Effin Wit Me" (ft T. Mash). As 1/4 of the supergroup RSO (Real Spittaz Only)", Mellie Mel led the charge with "Get Money" and "Go Hard" Performances have also been constant as Mellie Mel has seen many stages; S. Lounge, Wood Shed and Club Soraya (Anchorage, AK), Oqua Lounge (Dallas, TX), Club Hailey's (Denton, TX) Click's Live and Where's Rufus (Tyler, TX), Jub Jubs (Reno NV) and etc. Mellie Mel was nominated in Alaska Hip Hop Awards for 2013 "Best Female Artist of the year" Dec 25 2013 Mellie relocated back to TX. September 2015 Mellie Mel made an appearance in the video "All I Do" by well known artists BeatKing,TB, & T-Cash. She also performed in Alaska's 2015 Hip Hop Awards Cypher. The Punchline Princess has began to put a staple in hip hop, Mellie Mel delivers a steady barrage of them as well as thought provoking metaphorical content in her fun/crunk music. Tha Punchline Princess All things considered, Mellie Mel is a well rounded marketable artist with hot music and looks to go with it.
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