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  • Congress Of The Pigeons - Mole
  • by Congress Of The Pigeons
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  • Congress Of The Pigeons - Mole Directed by Juro Oravec Concept: Adam Bako, Mashu Harada Camera: Juro Oravec, Matej Ohrablo Actress: Lesana Weldon Walshe Like On Facebook

  • "Everything Today"
  • by Winter Marx
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  • Published on Feb 4, 2016 2016 Winter Marx Productions Artist/Director and Music Composer Winter Marx Cinematographer Carlos Rivas Editors: Carlos Rivas & Winter Marx Actress Harlym Gonzalez

  • Airborne - Adele Hello Remix/Cover
  • by Airborne
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  • I've always wanted to talk to you ever since that day of the incident and no matter how hard I tried or prayed I was unable to. However, all that changed as I was writing this song! I felt your presence and knew that you are now at peace! I'm so grateful to experience that feeling of being with a lost one once again. I'm glad you were the first person to hear it! This one's for you Ziidoz you will always live through your music as well as all your brothers!

  • I Took A Pill In Ibiza - Mike Posner Cover
  • by Jeremy Sanchez
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  • Fucking love this song... Bleh, suck at singing though! haha I'll get better though X) I didn't include the acoustic intro in this one because I don't like the way it sounds in such a low key. Anyway Hope you like this COVER of Mike Posners 'I Took A Pill In Ibiza"! Check out my youtube channels: GhostToast Animation: GhostToast Music N' Things: BrainGrain Animation: I also work for a channel called Super Planet Dolan as an animator. You can check that stuff out via GhostToast Playlists :)