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  • Free Fallin: John Mayer (Cover)
  • by Cody Potts
    2 UpStges
  • Hi everyone! This is the cover of the week, Free Fallin: John Mayer. I hope you all enjoy and I will see you all next week with another cover!

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  • Knuckles: Moose Blood (Cover)
  • by Cody Potts
    3 UpStges
  • Hi everyone! This is the cover for the week, Knuckles: Moose Blood. I hope you all enjoy and I will see you all next week with another cover!

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  • The I.N.U.
  • by Stephen Palmer 84
    4 UpStges
  • Video made by Zenada Palmer of Neotat Tattoo Machines. Filmed at the Flagstaff Music Festival 2016. Song by Stephen Palmer. Recorded and produced by James Linton at Soundwaves Recording Studio.

  • Trouble Cover By Travis Seay
  • by Travis Seay
    4 UpStges
  • Sorry for such a delay on posting guys. But I'm back! Here is a cover of Coldplay's song "Trouble" I played the piano and guitar and sang. Hope you guys enjoyed it! give it an upstge if you do! :) More to come so keep an eye out for me! Thanks and have a great day!

  • Please Remember Me
  • by Andres Hernandez
    11 UpStges
  • This is a song that I wrote for my grandma. My grandpa past away two years ago after battling alzheimers, and the healthiest way I could cope with everything was to write. I love you abuelita! Rest in peace Grandpa.

  • Stardust
  • by Fold Over Clutch
    9 UpStges
  • We're all running, sometimes. A little trip down the road to acceptance. I hope you enjoy. Shot entirely with a GoPro, over three days! Thanks to Bradley Stell and Tonya Reed for your ideas behind, and bodies in front of, the camera!